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As 边境上大学’s head of school – the first female head of school in the College’s 150-year history – I am filled first with a great sense of responsibility for the task I am taking on.

但我也心怀感激. Gratitude for those before me who built and sustained this amazing school community. Gratitude for the teachers and support staff who work tirelessly to create such an exceptional atmosphere. Gratitude for the parents who entrust their children to our care. Gratitude for the opportunity to live and work in this safe, beautiful corner of the world.

最后,我要感谢学生们. I get to work every day in an environment that is teeming with young energy, hope and optimism. 没错,有时候这种能量很难管理! But the students who come to 边境上大学 are so excited to be here. They are excited to learn in small classes and forge relationships with their teachers and peers. They’re excited to perhaps experience boarding for the first time or to compete in a sport they’ve never tried. 他们甚至可能对加拿大的冬天感到兴奋! (他们也应该如此!)

What all our students have in common, though, is they are excited about their future. 我们的任务就是引导他们走向成功, namely to provide students with a structured and enriching educational experience that builds a foundation for success at university and beyond.

我很感激(也很兴奋)!)成为这一使命的一部分. It’s wonderful to see first-hand what a difference 边境上大学 makes in their lives. 它的美妙之处在于:我们的学生也会心存感激! 一切都回来了.

A final expression of gratitude, then, to you for your interest in 边境上大学. 浏览我们的网页, 参观我们的学校, 和我们的招生团队谈谈, 并考虑成为我们ManBet手机客户端社区的一员. 你会感激你这么做的!
    • 乔安妮·卡拉瑟斯,校长