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I arrived at Stanstead as a kid and am leaving as a young woman who finally knows who she is. Stanstead gave me a home, a family, a place where I finally felt like I belong. 斯坦斯特德造就了我,我永远感激不尽. I may be leaving Stanstead, but Stanstead is not leaving me. As a matter of fact, I am still wearing my orientation day bracelet and it’s not going anywhere.
- Rosalie Gadoua-Giroux, Class of 2020, is studying Political Science at McGill University


圣智宗教 健康,智慧,正直


By providing students with a structured and enriching educational experience in a small, 具有全球意识的社区, 边境上大学 builds a foundation for success at university and beyond.


Our vision rests on our ability over 150 years to reinforce traditional values while embracing innovation in a constantly changing world. 我们通过为学生提供安全的环境来实现成功, 可持续的学习环境, 个人成长与领导力. Our diverse and nurturing community promotes the values of 健康, wisdom and integrity.


The 边境上大学 experience instills in its students a special combination of skills, knowledge and values that prepare them to achieve their own personal goals as well as contribute to their communities as responsible, 全球公民.