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奖学金 & 援助

边境上大学 is committed to enrolling a talented and diverse student body. To accomplish this, we provide admission opportunities to as many qualified applicants as possible. Our Financial 援助 Program bridges the gap between what a family can afford and what it costs to attend 边境上大学. For the 2021-2022 academic year, over 44% of the student body received scholarship funding and/or financial aid amounting to over $2.100万年. Canadian and American citizens are prioritized. International 学生 are considered for tuition assistance only under exceptional circumstances.


Financial assistance is available to 学生 in Grades 7 through 12 based on academic merit and financial need. In order to be eligible for financial aid, 学生 must first submit a completed application to the College as well as a completed financial aid application to Apple Financial 服务 (流式细胞仪) or Financial 援助 for School Tuition (快). Applicants are encouraged to apply early, ideally by February 1 to receive full consideration.

The College makes every effort to meet the needs of families applying to the school however it should be noted that awards normally do not exceed 50% of tuition fees. The average financial aid award is 25% of tuition fees.

Financial assistance awards are based upon two criteria. The principal factor is the family’s financial situation and need for assistance as determined through a completed application through 流式细胞仪 or 快. The second determinant is the applicant’s assessed overall merit: his/her current or potential contribution to the 边境上大学 community as determined through the completed application to the College (including references, personal or telephone interview, admissions test and academic reports, 社区参与, 学校参与, 课外活动, 等.).

Financial 援助 awards are normally offered for one academic year and are renewable annually provided the student has maintained a strong academic average, with no major disciplinary issues, and has remained active within the College community.

NOTE: Parents and 学生 of families receiving financial assistance will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement on acceptance before the start of the academic year. This agreement will be strictly enforced.


Students entering Grades 7 through 12 may be eligible to compete for scholarships, renewable annually based on the same criteria as financial aid awards. 奖学金 are based on both merit and financial need.

  • be Canadian or American citizens;
  • have fully completed an application by January 31;
  • have submitted financial paperwork via 流式细胞仪 or by January 31; and
  • have a core-subject average of at least 85% on their most recent report card.
Athletic scholarships are not available at 边境上大学.

Note that the amount allocated for scholarships varies year to year.


  • 入学奖学金考试

    The annual entrance scholarship examination is by invitation only. It includes testing in core subject areas including: English, French and Mathematics. The 入学奖学金考试 takes place at the end of February.
  • 部分奖学金

    A number of partial scholarships are available each year to new 学生, awarded on the basis of the scholarship examination, averaging 25% of tuition fees, up to a maximum of 50% of tuition fees. These are renewable according to the same criteria as the full scholarship.
  • 校友遗产奖学金

    Spartan pride is something you carry with you all your life, and our alumni often pass that pride onto their daughters and sons. 边境上大学 would like to help carry that legacy forward by offering a $1,000 entrance scholarship to the children and grandchildren of our alumni. 联系 admissions@proxioav.com 有关详细信息,.



  • 安德鲁·马丁奖学金

    Presented to a new or existing student with an average of 80% and who excels in some other area of activity.
  • 埃里克·T. 韦伯斯特奖学金

    To a deserving new or returning student from the Eastern Townships.
  • 尼克 & 伊妮德·卡特奖学金

    Presented to a local student entering Grade 7 or 8, preferably but not necessarily Canadian.
  • Northeast Kingdom Day Student Awards

    Presented to local qualifying U.S. 学生.
  • Ontario and Maritime 奖学金

    Presented to qualifying top Ontario and Maritime student-athletes.

Special Prizes and End-of-Year Awards

These awards are available to returning 学生 who are selected through a faculty nomination and voting process. Selection procedure of recipients varies according to the award or prize. A few are determined through committee, and two through a vote of all faculty and 学生. Amounts associated with these special prizes and awards range from $100 to $3,000.


A 5% reduction in tuition and boarding fees may be awarded to older siblings in a single family where more than one child attends the school. Please note that sibling discounts are not automatically offered if 学生 are already receiving financial aid and/or scholarship.