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The Rush to Grow Up

By Ellie French, Grade 11
从我记事起,我的生日就是我一年中最喜欢的日子之一. A special day celebrating with my family 和 friends, 和, 噢,是的, 礼物太, how could I not like it? But looking back, I realize I actually enjoyed aging. 为什么? I was always a really stubborn child 和 still somewhat am, 和 I loved doing things on my own 和 being able to say I did it.
从很小的时候起,我们就从父母那里得到帮助,并被告知我们应该做什么. 我知道每个生日我都在成长为一个更自主的人,这真的让我很兴奋.

When we were young 和 in primary school, 我们的老师经常提出的一个热门话题是简单的问题, “What do you want to be when you are older?” I either drew a princess, a veterinarian or a superhero. Now I am in 11th grade 和, unfortunately, instead of being asked to draw, I have a math test or an essay to do. And my grades have an impact on what I choose to do in the future, a future where I must actually choose a job.

刚刚过去的这个夏天,我花了很多时间思考我的人生旅程和道路. I had somewhat of an abnormal childhood. 我四处走动,就像在玩捉人游戏,我尽量不被捉到. I moved a lot. My childhood consisted of laughing until I cried, adventuring with my dad through forests, 许多国家的湖泊和海洋,渴望成为像他一样的人, 一直看着我妈妈做的每件事都非常出色,希望我能像她一样. I also relied on my brother as my best friend. 我的童年充满了最美好的回忆,即使是路上的小颠簸.

就在我要回斯坦斯特德大学读第二年的前几周, the reality hit me: my childhood is slowly coming to a halt. Then I was terrified. Everything I ever knew was slowly ending. 想要更多的责任和特权的愿望终于实现了. 我惊慌失措. 我想回到和朋友一起玩家庭游戏,或者在操场上玩警察和强盗游戏.

After I gave myself time to reflect 和 calm down, I understood. The funny thing is, I wouldn't change a thing about my childhood, not the embarrassing moments, not the hard times. 所有这些时刻都将为我将来面对的逆境做好准备, 在我过于超前之前,我还剩下一些时间,我不会把一秒钟视为理所当然. I also have a lot more memories to make, even the embarrassing ones. 我意识到为什么我要浪费我作为一个孩子的剩余时间,希望我能回到过去,而我还在那一刻? If I were to ask you to go back you would probably say yes, 我也想重温我的童年,但你会改变它吗?

Instead of being upset that the time is coming to an end, be ready to close the chapter 和 start a br和 new one. 所以要感激你在人生道路上遇到的每一件小事,即使是坎坷的. 一定要活在当下,这样你就可以回首往事,说你有一个美好的童年,有着难以置信的回忆. 你将能够展望未来,并为新的记忆做好准备. The best part is not the destination, it's the progress 和 journey.